Andy had an idea. An idea that we could offer a free festival in Cardiff. A festival that brought together artists, writers and musicians. A festival that stallholders and workshop providers were welcome at no cost to themselves. 

Festival Gallery

Well, after a bit of arm twisting, it all came together at the lovely Little Man Coffee Company on Sunday February 19th 2017. We had a wide range of craft and information stalls, workshops from Yoga to Belly Dancing, a life art exhibition opening, a music video viewing and open mic with spoken word, singer/songwriters and a headline band. 

It all went down without any problems or issues, a testament to the commitment from the participants. Andy says thank you to all the assistance that he received and for all those that gave up their time and for all those that attended part or all of the thirteen hour day 🙂 


Outdoor Professional @ Wales Outdoors, Model @ Cardiff Life Model Colective and Published Poet @ Self...