So, we asked the National Museum if we could deliver once a month life drawing in various rooms in the museum with a model or models reacting to the artworks in that room. We committed to delivering a minimum of one session in Welsh and also having a Welsh speaking artist on hand at all others. We said we’d work at times to suit the museum and would tweak the proposal to suit the museum.

Anna Was Modelling In Neath

‘As usual, the NCTC (Neath Port Talbot College) session was dynamic and interesting. Tutor Ben Meredith strives to bring an emotive human experience to the lesson. Figurative art is Ben’s particular passion, and it shows in his energetic approach to teaching.’

Emma Was In Merthyr

And what for? For a session with the lovely group of students at Merthyr College. They are first year Art Practice Degree students and this is there second life drawing session… EVER!

Amy Is An Animal!

To start the session Amy did a handful of three minute poses where she pulled a shape and the artists were invited to guess the animal.

A New Year…

Bringing artists, filmmakers, photographers and models together for chilled art making and chats since 2010!

First Week Back

You know, we never take a break, well, apart from Christmas and New Year when everything seems to close for a couple of weeks, whether you like it or not…

Clay 1/4/19

Andy bought some clay and about half of those attending decided to go for some basic sculpting with the other half deciding to sketch as usual… A little complicated but it all worked out well…

Cardiff Life Model Collective (CLMC), run by Andy Muse, deserves all the support and credit it gets and needs.

Light Painting

Andy received an email from a photographer looking for a model to make her way to Newport for some light painting and this is the result of that collaboration.


Growing a beard to portray Guy Fawkes in a special life drawing session at the time of interview, Andy Lamb, 52, seems infinitely relaxed and entirely unfazed by anything life may bring his way.