Happy Naked People

A rather excellent 3rd year film student studying at the University of South Wales, Anna Korecka, got in touch with us and after getting to know us and attending a few sessions of life drawing a plan began to hatch. A good while after our first contact Anna was back in touch and she had done an amazing thing, securing support from the BBC and winning one of four student documentary film slots!

Sunday Afternoon Life Drawing In Cardiff

Andy made his way to Little Man Coffee Company for a Sunday afternoon session of life drawing with Cardiff Life Model Collective. We are at this venue EVERY Sunday afternoon throughout the year apart from at a few weeks over the Christmas break. The same applies for Tuesday evenings…


We were approached by the organisers of the 2019 Expression conference, to be held in Cardiff, to provide a model for a workshop or two.

Christmas Party! 17/12/19

Every year, for the last life drawing session of the year, we call in all models and go for a Christmas Party!

BBC Documentary Filming

Anna documented our standard life drawing event at our drop in session on Tuesday 3rd November and which had two models working, Anna and Andy 🙂

Bore Cothi

In November of 2015 and May of 2016 models from Cardiff Life Model Collective were called in to perform self tests for irregularities on breasts and testicles with a doctor talking the presenter through the process.


LIFE DRAWING – Have a crack at drawing the male and female nude models of the Cardiff Life Model Collective. For a fiver, you can gawp at their birthday suits for an hour and a half while developing a steady hand for drawing.