One Sunday Afternoon…

It was January 12th and a chilly Sunday in Cardiff but Little Man Coffee Companies doors were open and the on the premises baked and cooked cakes and snacks as well as a range of coffees, teas and somethings stronger were on offer…

Giggle Magazine

This was the first piece written about us and unfortunately it no longer exists apart from a grainy and degraded photo of the actual pages…

Cardiff Life Model Collective (CLMC), run by Andy Muse, deserves all the support and credit it gets and needs.

Graphic Novel Photography

Do come along any Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening for a two hour life drawing session or do contact us to work with us for a project involving our models or artists!

BBC Radio 4

All very interesting stuff. I managed to get in my take on what it’s like to be a life model and why it’s important that the future society has a much more healthier attitude towards the skins that we live in.

Emma Tann

I adored life drawing in university, and after a year or two of absolutely none of it, I thought it about bloody time that I did some again.

Love Life Drawing

I think we’ve achieved much of those original aims and although we still have a fair way to go our work has already touched many thousands of artists, students and casual aquaintances through direct contact or through the press coverage that we have achieved.