Arts Funding

I’m self employed. I operate two small business’. I don’t ask for funding or support from any agency. I simply plod along, delivering events that I know work well and accepting that some will make good income and some will not. So, the rough with the smooth…

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

This was the last of the Cardiff Arts Free Festivals, the brainchild of Andy and delivered with support of artists and Little Man and poets and musicians in the centre of Cardiff.

Harry Holland

For a fair few years now Cardiff Life Model Collective, through Andy’s contact with Harry, have been working with the great Harry Holland who has private sketching sessions two or three times a week at his studio in Cardiff.

When Andy Met Hayley

It was a standard evening life drawing for us at Cardiff Life Model Collective BUT we had the BBC along and the producers brought with them Hayley from ‘The Call Centre’.

Draw The Artist Photography

We had a student photographer, Alice, come along to our ‘Draw The Artist’ event a couple of weeks back. She simply wanted the opportunity to document a life drawing event and the ‘models’ and artists present were all OK with that.

Turnip Starfish

I first came across Turnip Starfish through Kat, an art tutor I have known for some time. The owner of the animation company, Nick, was teaching a first session of life drawing at Cardiff and the Vale and I think this was at the old campus near St Mellons.

Giggle Magazine

This was the first piece written about us and unfortunately it no longer exists apart from a grainy and degraded photo of the actual pages…

The Auditions

Andy was approached by Dana Inglehart, a filmaker undertaking a masters at the Uni of South Wales. Dana wanted to make a film about Andy’s work as a life model for hen parties and of course he helped her out.

Draw The Artist 10/12/19

We’ll be offering up this opportunity again sometime in the spring of 2020 so if you fancy getting your model on then do watch this space 🙂

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

Andy had an idea. An idea that we could offer a free festival in Cardiff. A festival that brought together artists, writers and musicians. A festival that stallholders and workshop providers were welcome at no cost to themselves.