The Arts Council Are Arse’s.

Early on this year I was in discussion with The Arts Council Wales and they admitted quite openly that they had done a woeful job…

Instagallery 3

Instagallery 1 was mostly the first dipping of toes into delivering life drawing in Cardiff and so the earliest models and a few that never…

Steven Samuel

I am a self-taught artist/illustrator from South Wales. I have recently started creating pet/animal pictures. Currently looking for commissions.

Animation Thursdays

You can book us for a private session of your own… email

And While Megan Was In Merthyr

James was working our Little Man session in the centre of Cardiff. This turn up and sketch, no need to book session has been running for 10 years now and there is no intention to change that anytime soon.

Coronavirus And Us…

Surely, if we wanted to get through this quickly and with minimum impact we would be ‘confined to quarters’. All of us. Only small teams of signed off workers ought to be allowed on the streets and they would be delivering food to those in need. Total lockdown, although economically crippling, would seem the swiftest way to get through this.

Charcoal And A Cuppa

This Tuesday our super friendly group met up for their weekly fix of charcoal and a cuppa, and, as always, such a fab and diverse mix of artists and styles emerged.

A New Year…

Bringing artists, filmmakers, photographers and models together for chilled art making and chats since 2010!

Harry Holland

Paints, easels, mannequins, brushes, cups of tea, and in the background there’s always dimmed music ranging from Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Gospal, Classical…and if you’re lucky…a few power ballads!