Happy Naked People

A rather excellent 3rd year film student studying at the University of South Wales, Anna Korecka, got in touch with us and after getting to know us and attending a few sessions of life drawing a plan began to hatch. A good while after our first contact Anna was back in touch and she had done an amazing thing, securing support from the BBC and winning one of four student documentary film slots!

Facebook On Spam Mode

So, I think if I messaged an individual or business six times in 11 hours, trying to sell them ‘stuff’, I think I could be accused of spamming them.

Join Us!

We have a fine team of walking leaders over at Wales Outdoors – https://www.meetup.com/Wales-Outdoors/- and a fine team of models and tutors here at Cardiff Life Model Collective.

Phil Was With The Animators

If you run a group of artists or have a group of friends that would like to organise a one off or regular life drawing event then please do be in touch with Andy – welshlamb@me.com – artistic nudes, it’s what we do 🙂

From The Model

Really great to see everyone sharpening their pencils and getting stuck in with a healthy drawing practice for 2020. Always inspiring to see the progress of returning artists; a conscious cultivation that initiates growth. It becomes a form of meditation – a kind of routine that builds into a personal portfolio of growth, a kind of creative chronology.

Giggle Magazine

This was the first piece written about us and unfortunately it no longer exists apart from a grainy and degraded photo of the actual pages…

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

Andy had an idea. An idea that we could offer a free festival in Cardiff. A festival that brought together artists, writers and musicians. A festival that stallholders and workshop providers were welcome at no cost to themselves.