Harry Holland

We regard Harry as a pinnacle of figurative art currently practising in the UK. His instagram account is simply stunning so do follow him! His commitment to representing the human form in his imaginative and excellent and recognisable fashion is a testament to what can be achieved following decades of practice. His understanding of who came before and where he wishes to be is sharp and focused.

Turnip Starfish

I first came across Turnip Starfish through Kat, an art tutor I have known for some time. The owner of the animation company, Nick, was teaching a first session of life drawing at Cardiff and the Vale and I think this was at the old campus near St Mellons.

List Of Life Ltd

There is a real problem with events agencies and booking agencies of all kinds. They invariably are not skilled in the product they are selling, invariably they want you to have no contact with the client in advance of the event, invariably they will place staff to a job without proper knowledge of their suitability…