Sunday Life Drawing

It’s a weekly thing, we only stop for the festive season, and it’s a well received and relaxed couple of hours of life drawing, sketching a nude or nudes, chatting to local artists and chilling in the Little Man’s very quiet vault.

Tuesday’s Life Drawing

Tuesday just gone saw our newest model, Emma, rock up to Little Man for a two hour session of life drawing. This is on of our weekly turn up and sketch, no need to book sessions (the other is on a Sunday afternoon) and it’s informal and fun atmosphere has endeared it to the regulars and thrills the newcomers 🙂

Capital South Wales

Josh and Kally of Capital FM got in touch and Andy visited the Capital FM studios in Cardiff Bay… This was the result 🙂

Inter Cardiff

Why would somebody want to be a life model? Is the job simply being paid for being naked?

Light Painting

Andy received an email from a photographer looking for a model to make her way to Newport for some light painting and this is the result of that collaboration.

Jess Woolridge

Jess Woolridge, a young artist working in South Wales interviewed Andy to create content for the Amuse Me Press arts magazine for Cardiff, ‘cARTiff’.