In The Nude

Jake and Indie, degree students at The University of South Wales, approached Andy and asked would he be up for a film being made about his lifestyle. They had been pointed towards him by jake’s partner who said Andy was a Cardiff Character…

Inter Cardiff

Why would somebody want to be a life model? Is the job simply being paid for being naked?


Growing a beard to portray Guy Fawkes in a special life drawing session at the time of interview, Andy Lamb, 52, seems infinitely relaxed and entirely unfazed by anything life may bring his way.

Graphic Novel

We gathered at our usual Tuesday evening life drawing venue, Little Man Coffee Company in the centre of Cardiff and set up the room for that evenings session.


GlamourMan was an Andy Lamb project which derived it’s inspiration from a series of ‘hipster’ pics of men with beards posing in glamouor poses with power tools. Andy thought it would be a good idea to have a go, but naked.