Were back, post covid’s and we have a new venue!

Our Tuesday evening life drawing events will be held in Little Man Studio, which is in the same block as Little Man Coffee Co. just nearer the parking area, on the corner of Bridge Street and Churchill Way.

And we have updated the fb page, updated the meetup pages and we have published a website update that has included the release of our community and the brand spanking new calendar and booking platform.

We are taking back control of ‘all things’ and this aspect of our work will result in a bigger, better but far more importantly, not owned by any software, media or social giant Cardiff Life Model Collective.

Given the current environment you will need to pre book and pay in advance for your life drawing event. We need to monitor numbers and inform Little Man about the refreshment requirements. There will be several routes to pay, so standard rate, model rate, student rate, buy 5 up front and get one for free rate as well as a monthly standing order that will likely be best value. These are all to be finalised though and will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Join Us!


Outdoor Professional @ Wales Outdoors, Model @ Cardiff Life Model Colective and Published Poet @ Self...


  1. Hi Andy – I booked for today’s (15 Sep) session, so I’ll carry it over to whenever we can do a lifedrawing session again, if that’s ok.
    Cheers, Andra

    1. The first session is now the 29th – I did send an email yesterday but often they go into peoples spam folders. I’ll add you to the 29th but but worries if you can’t make that. Little Man have been slow to set up and also delayed their opening by a week…

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