Yes, you can buy a naked person from us for £25 per hour.

Well, you can’t actually buy a person, that isn’t legal in the UK although we are sure it happens, but you can rent a person for a few hours and they will pose for you, an individual artist or a college group or privately delivered art class or a media company etc…

We have a fair few models of different looks, ages, sex, and size. So something to provide a regular refreshing of models for an ongoing class or someone who fits your needs for a one of project.

We charge £25 per hour and stipulate a minimum of two hours and we think that this is fair and we’ll explain. Sessional work is different to full time work. The employee has the same travelling time and expenses as a full time employee but will only be paid for a couple of hours, will not have holiday pay or pension contributions and must be regarded as self employed. We take £5 for admin time, maintaining the web presence, developing work and coordinating the models. The model gets £20.

We take strong exception to Cardiff City Council and Newport Council paying, in some instances, just over £8 per hour for some life modelling jobs. We think that is outrageous. We also take strong exception with those who are prepared to work as life models for that rate. They do. disservice to all models.

We have actively and consistently fought for better pay and conditions for life models since the inception of this group in January 2010. We take strong exception to tutors asking for ‘mates rates’, to enquiries asking for models at a fraction of the cost of providing them and to start up life drawing provision building their business off the backs of low paid models.

Pay the nationally agreed life model rate please and for us in Wales that is £25 if coming through us and £20 if implying a model directly.

RAM, the Register of Artists Models, simply someone who has set themselves up to be the national spokesperson for life models but who really has no more authority than any other model, says the national rate is £15 per hour. This is a disgrace. We’ve been being paid £15 or over for well over five years now. Think being a London model… Think being a model in Cardiff being asked to work in Caerphilly… £15 per hour really does not cut the mustard 🙂

We therefore ask that if you attend any life modelling sessions that aren’t delivered by us that you stand in solidarity with us. Ask how much the model is paid. If it’s under £20 then walk out. Don’t support unfair pay. Don’t support un-sustainability. Don’t support those that disrupt the services of those who do pay a decent rate to models.

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