You’ll have seen my posts Google Are Scum and Google Are Scum 2 that detail the idiocy and meanness displayed by google. This is a further update…

We won!

Cardiff Life Model Collective are being listed once again on google, but, that’s not been an easy task. I’ve spent much time dealing with robots and robot like people and ‘rocks in ears’ people but, in a not surprising turnaround, given that I threatened google with a well publicised and live stream visit to google HQ by yours truly, the staff at google, within a couple of hours, and without apology or any explanation, re-instated the Cardiff Life Model Collective listings held with google my business.

But it’s not a ‘win’ is it.

Google can remove us again at any time and I’ll have to work just as hard and make similar threats to have the listing re-instated. And with no apology or explanation I’ve no idea why or how to avoid their secretive and inconsistently applied ‘rules’ for content.

Once again I’ll state that google are scum and once again point out that we are all in danger by allowing tech giants so much ownership of our information, our social networks, reliance on them for our business success or failure and, effectively, of our lives…

Join Us!


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