We loosely organised a meetup in London and Andy and Kate took in four exhibitions and were joined by others from Wales for a couple of them.

First off it was Hogarth at the remarkable Sir John Soanes Museum. This was a large collection of Hogarth’s work with prints and etchings and paintings. A fine exhibition but leaving us feeling very much preached at. Each series had a moral outcome. And what was going on with the faces…

Then it was arrive early at Tate Britain and go see Turner. There is a permanent collection on display and this is remarkable and wonderful. But, once again… the faces…

Norham Castle, Sunrise c.1845 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N01981

We met David and JJ and then went round the huge William Blake exhibition. Almost all of his work in one place it seemed and wonderful it was. Excellent displayed and interpreted. We William Blake a prototypical graphic novel artist? We think so… But again… What was going on with the faces…

Finally, and after some food it was King Tut’s turn at the Saatchi Gallery. This was a spectacular event with some fine pieces on display. Here we bumped into Andra. And finally, good representations of faces, if a little too symetrical for modern eyes.

You know, it’s well worth getting to London for some exhibitions but it is an expensive day when paying to see collections. Of course there is plenty to see that is free but Blake and Tut were, for us, must sees.

Our next London trip will be Friday 27th march and will be a long look at the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition – very excited 🙂

Aubrey Beardsley At Tate Britain

Friday, Mar 27, 2020, 8:00 AM

Tate Britain
Millbank London, GB

1 Life Artists Attending

The largest exhibition of his drawings for 50 years Aubrey Beardsley shocked and delighted late-Victorian London with his sinuous black and white drawings. He explored the erotic and the elegant, the humorous and grotesque, winning admirers around the world with his distinctive style. Spanning seven years, this exhibition will cover Beardsley’s int…

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