Draw The Poet – A Life Drawing Performance!

Andy is going to be reading from his first collection, ‘Those And Me’. This personal take on relationships of all kinds sees Andy remove the clothing of culture to stand, sit or lay naked before the audience. At this ‘performance’ Andy will be both physically and mentally exposed.

This event will be billed at £17.50 per person. All will leave not only having had two hours of life drawing and so a few more sketchbook pages filled, but also with a copy of ‘Those And Me’.

Andy met a literature student and gave her a copy of Those And Me and she gave him this review:

‘Dear Andy,
since the four waterfalls trip nearly two months passed. But as I promised, I read your book you and the poems are amazing!
First of all, I am not a huge fan of poems which are short in line, but I really enjoyed reading it because your poems have a flow.
Of course some poems speak more to me than others, but I think that is normal.
I guess the poems I like the most are `Their First Time´, `Where We Should Be´, `We Love Nice´ and poems of the summer section.
The poems are honest, realistic and I was envolved although I did not experience certain situations. But I think all readers find themselves in some poems which makes them somewhat universal because they are not relying on one person or time.
In your preface you wrote that you would like to do a coffee book with illustrations in it. That sounds really interesting and I would like to see it if you have finished it.
And I really like that you used rhyme against the lecturers advice. For instance in Becky I think it is great; and I also think the turn in Becky is very powerful. The play with words are a characteristic for your poems and sometimes emphasise the emotions you want to describe. Efamore is a very strong poem, both in content and form.
However, I struggled with the deviding the poems in seasons. On the one hand I really like the idea, on the other I was confused why; for instance, the spring describes the loss or why you are associating loss with spring? I had to read a few times through this before I got the idea; maybe you could explain it to me please? For me, in spring the love is floushing and developing, I have always wonderful memories in summer, in autumn there is a turn (mostly in the mood of people and therfore it could be the time referring to struggles) and winter -cold and sad and heartbreaking. But maybe this is also what everyone is associating and is boring, I don´t know.
Furthermore, there are some layout/ stylistic features of the book which catched my eye. For instance on the content page (p.6), spring is not bold as the other sections. When the new season begins, there are women but in winter there is a landscape, why is that?
I really love repititions for instance in Efamore, the love repitition is really powerful. But in `Their First Time´ I would add `Those times´ to the line before and replace `that times´ instead.
I think in the poem `Mine´, `darker dark´ ( I do not know how this is called right now) could be described by something different or I was feeling in a better way. For instance, towards the end of the poem you are saying cold damp stone, what I really like. But this is only subjective.
Many thanks that you gave this book to me, it was a pleasure to read it.

Lot´s of greatings
Alex from Germany’

Join Andy at Draw The Poet and review the book yourself 🙂

• What we’ll do
A life drawing session that is two hours long and that takes place in a wonderfully relaxed Cardiff city centre environment – go improve your drawing skills and meet some South Wales artists too 🙂

• What to bring
Sketchpad and pencil

The Small Print
Our minimalist kind of ‘Terms and Conditions’

• Important to know
There will be a naked person in the room

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Student £12.50

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15 06 21


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Little Man Studio


Little Man Studio
The Little Man Coffee Company, Bridge Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EE UK
Andy Muse


Andy Muse

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