And we’re not having a bar of it!

2019 saw a raft of organisations, artists and colleges asking for women only models. None could offer any valid reason apart from perhaps a college stating that the students were working on a project aimed at women. But that is disingenuous when the students were clearly at the start of their life drawing journey and not working on final projects…

And then just a few weeks ago it happened again…

Look, we’re not about providing only women. Artists must have both males and females and, where possible, both males and females of different ages and shapes. You get what we send you – that’s the way it works!

Where there is a valid reason for a female only model we will of course supply a female. And if a female is required for a particular session or sessions then do expect, if multiple sessions are booked with us, that for the other sessions we will supply a male. We aim for a 50/50 mix of male/female.

This all makes sense to us and ought to to you 🙂

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