The news today was disappointing with the idiots in the Welsh Ass continuing to enforce stricter lockdown rules and guidance than anywhere else in the UK.

But, we are allowed to work with people from one other household, in the garden, but for us, that will work , if it works for you…

So, we have models looking for some work and we know there are artists keen to get drawing so Cardiff Life Model Collective is offering up it’s flesh at this time of crisis for the wellbeing of those artists in an inspiration desert.

If you can host in your garden then we can supply a body. We would require you to have safe protocols when having a model enter your house to get to the garden and there must be a private area in the garden, not overlooked by neighbours, where the model can pose. In accordance with the stupid Welsh Ass Covid Rules we can only supply you with a local model so when enquiring we will need to know your address and then we can check who we have nearby.

To book a model simply go to the Cardiff Life Model Facebook Page and under appointment availability choose ‘Models for Artists’ or ‘Models for Photography’. For either we require a minimum of two hours booking.

That’s it! Simple! Once we receive the enquiry we’ll check availability and will get back to you with a payment portal so that you can pay safely online and in advance so no exchange of cash and so nasties need take place 🙂

Go Get Your Art On!

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