A big thank you to the staff at Little Man – they are amazing and are always there to assist us and make our life not easier but definitely more pleasant… Unlike the staff employed by the ‘big man’, Google…

Just look at the damage to potential business caused by an arbitrary decision by a faceless operator who didn’t like a photo describing an event (a man in swimming trunks no less) and after disallowing the photo took down ALL of our presence on Google. We argued the case and a month and a half later were back on and now we are back on the map but this is a dangerous place to be for a small business in that we can be removed from all searches at the whim of a tech giant employee.

Our signage is now up at Little Man Coffee Company and so we are now compliant with Googles arbitrarily applied rules for business listings on Google Maps. So, we are back on which is important for us as we need to be found and our clients sometimes need to be guided in to our sessions 🙂

It’s taken two months though and wasted a good deal of time and energy… Google need to clean up their act and start working with small business rather than against. I say that as Google definitely support larger business enterprise. They get more income from the bigger boys so of course they do…

Anyways, follow the link to be taken to a calendar listing our drop in sessions and if you want to meet up with us to discuss art, working with us, booking us etc message us and we’ll arrange to meet you at Little Man Coffee Co!

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