Sunday afternoon’s class was an intimate affair, comprised  primarily of female artists who are new to the group- welcome!

Always attracting a wonderful range of ages and abilities, we had a former art student who currently works as a baker and wanted to reconnect with her passion for life drawing.

 Two budding university set designers came to challenge their linear imagination with the difficulty of translating the human form.

Sunday Gallery

 A pair of giggly friends came for the first time, one a seasoned creative, the other a total newbie,  exploring this discipline, totally inexperienced; sometimes it requires as much much bravery on the part of artist to see themselves move through the creative process as it does the model to allow themselves to be seen unfiltered.

The exploration of boundaries is the living under-current to life drawing; in self, in creativity, imagination, in the human scope of experience.

 Come and explore with us.


Outdoor Professional @ Wales Outdoors, Model @ Cardiff Life Model Colective and Published Poet @ Self...