Artists Response To Censorship

And so, in the midst of this lockdown, where is the protest? Where is the art forcing the viewer to question the government, to question the nature of the crisis and our response to it and where is the art that is a counter to the truly awful and dangerous actions of the social media giants, the broadcasting media and the press.

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

It was the second of the free festivals organised and delivered by Andy and Maisie along with help from all of the stallholders and performers and workshop hosts.

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

This was the last of the Cardiff Arts Free Festivals, the brainchild of Andy and delivered with support of artists and Little Man and poets and musicians in the centre of Cardiff.

Giggle Magazine

This was the first piece written about us and unfortunately it no longer exists apart from a grainy and degraded photo of the actual pages…

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

Andy had an idea. An idea that we could offer a free festival in Cardiff. A festival that brought together artists, writers and musicians. A festival that stallholders and workshop providers were welcome at no cost to themselves.

Inter Cardiff

Why would somebody want to be a life model? Is the job simply being paid for being naked?

Cardiff Life Model Collective (CLMC), run by Andy Muse, deserves all the support and credit it gets and needs.


Growing a beard to portray Guy Fawkes in a special life drawing session at the time of interview, Andy Lamb, 52, seems infinitely relaxed and entirely unfazed by anything life may bring his way.


Everyone wants to feel confident naked. The pre-fall Garden of Eden existence – before the snake ruined everything – seems a pretty sweet deal, right?

Jess Woolridge

Jess Woolridge, a young artist working in South Wales interviewed Andy to create content for the Amuse Me Press arts magazine for Cardiff, ‘cARTiff’.