Inter Cardiff

Why would somebody want to be a life model? Is the job simply being paid for being naked?

Cardiff Life Model Collective (CLMC), run by Andy Muse, deserves all the support and credit it gets and needs.


Growing a beard to portray Guy Fawkes in a special life drawing session at the time of interview, Andy Lamb, 52, seems infinitely relaxed and entirely unfazed by anything life may bring his way.


Everyone wants to feel confident naked. The pre-fall Garden of Eden existence – before the snake ruined everything – seems a pretty sweet deal, right?

Jess Woolridge

Jess Woolridge, a young artist working in South Wales interviewed Andy to create content for the Amuse Me Press arts magazine for Cardiff, ‘cARTiff’.

Bore Cothi

In November of 2015 and May of 2016 models from Cardiff Life Model Collective were called in to perform self tests for irregularities on breasts and testicles with a doctor talking the presenter through the process.

BBC Radio Wales

Andy was asked to take part in the Wynne Evans show on BBC Radio Wales as the mystery guest.

All Or Muffin

Back in November I was getting naked for a hen party in South Devon. Funny how one thing leads to another but suffice to say one of the hen’s got in touch with me a month or so later and invited me over to Horsley (near Stroud) to run a one hour taster life drawing session for her newly formed Women’s Institute group also known as ‘All or Muffin’.

Embarassing Bodies

I received an email asking if I could find a male happy to be examined by a doctor for a late night edition of Embarrassing Bodies.


We’re in print again – this time for alt.cardiff – ‘If it’s offbeat and in Cardiff then it’s on here’ – This is what student journalist Megan Nisbet had to say following her visit to our Tuesday life drawing session at 10 Feet Tall last week: