We were approached by the organisers of the 2019 Expression conference, to be held in Cardiff, to provide a model for a workshop or two.

When Andy Met Hayley

It was a standard evening life drawing for us at Cardiff Life Model Collective BUT we had the BBC along and the producers brought with them Hayley from ‘The Call Centre’.

Giggle Magazine

This was the first piece written about us and unfortunately it no longer exists apart from a grainy and degraded photo of the actual pages…

In The Nude

Jake and Indie, degree students at The University of South Wales, approached Andy and asked would he be up for a film being made about his lifestyle. They had been pointed towards him by jake’s partner who said Andy was a Cardiff Character…

The Auditions

Andy was approached by Dana Inglehart, a filmaker undertaking a masters at the Uni of South Wales. Dana wanted to make a film about Andy’s work as a life model for hen parties and of course he helped her out.

Valentine’s Day 2017

Cardiff Life Models are unique. We regularly have more than one model working a session and often deliver performances, some well planned and some made up to a theme on the evening.

Madness On Flatholm

Flatholm is an island situated a short distance from Cardiff Bay. It’s clearly visible from Penarth along with it’s sister island Steepholm. Andy booked sole use of the island for an art residential and some get away from it all fun for a weekend at the end of August 2015.

Tenerife Art Residential

In early March 2017 a group from Cardiff Life Model Collective, both artists and models, rocked up to San Sofi Hostel in San Miguel, Tenerife, and had a week of sketching, walking and photography.

Cardiff News Plus

Cardiff Arts Free Festival was held at Little Man Coffee Company last weekend and over hundred people came to join. The Cardiff Arts Festival was co-organized by organisation Cardiff Creative Writers and Cardiff Life Model Collective.

Capital South Wales

Josh and Kally of Capital FM got in touch and Andy visited the Capital FM studios in Cardiff Bay… This was the result 🙂