Rachel Nic Thomás is a musician and artist from Dublin, currently undertaking a Masters in Music Performance in Cardiff. She likes to explore various forms of art including music composition, poetry, visual art and installation art.


These paintings are inspired by the music of Miles Davis. They are ‘visual improvisations’ on the tracks ‘Blue in Green’ and ‘All Blues’ from his 1959 album Kind of Blue. I painted these back in 2015, at which point I was trying to become more familiar with the music of Miles Davis. I had heard ‘Blue in Green’ and ‘All Blues’ several times before but had never consciously listened to them. As a musician, one is often occupied with creating an experience for the listener, and we as listeners are given a unique and personal experience of that music which in turn can inspire creation in a different form. These paintings are a visual reaction to my first engaged experience with those two tracks.

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