We’d like to reach out to South Wales based artists and then blog them…

With this in mind we are calling all artists, no matter where you are in your career, at college, graduating, well established… We want you to promote yourselves, share your work and to engage with the arts community that have been drawn together by life drawing with us.

And this is a win win… We get original and interesting content for our site but more importantly we begin to achieve a key objective of ours, to build communities. And the artists, well, they get exposure, feedback and great networking opportunities…

We need images and text. All text will be proof read and if corrections are needed sent back to the originator for approval. Any image goes! And the more images the better.

If an artist wishes to post on a regular or irregular basis we’ll make a page and have the posts link to from there in date order. If it’s a one off then it’s a stand alone post.

Work can be in any media and subject/s can be anything, so we are not solely looking at life art or life art inspired pieces. Abstract, landscape, sculpture, crafts, all will be well received.

We will link to the artists website and etsy shop and exhibitions and…

We will use the featured artists as a staring point for a monthly ‘Lounge About’, an informal meeting of interested artists, for chats about the highs and lows of their personal practice and general arty news.

We hope to use the featured artists as the core of an exhibition of works, supported and promoted by Cardiff Life Model Collective.

So, think about submitting yourself, share with your arty friends and lets get building a dynamic arts community 🙂


Outdoor Professional @ Wales Outdoors, Model @ Cardiff Life Model Colective and Published Poet @ Self...

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