Happy Naked People

Anna Korecka, a fine student filmmaker in her final year at The Atrium at The University of South Wales has worked with Andy and his team at Cardiff Life Model Collective and has made a short documentary film for BBC Wales

JJ’s Tuesday Life Drawing

JJ is one of the organisers of the group and she attends mostly all Sunday and Tuesday sessions, on hand to stand in if a model gets delayed or can’t make it. On this occasion however she was planned in as it’s rare to get a no show nowadays, all Cardiff Life Models being the absolute essence of reliability 🙂


Cardiff Life Model Collective has been supplying naked people for art classes in South Wales and beyond since 2010 and it’s been a very enjoyable, if at times, bumpy ride.

Animalistic Andy!

Animals can be difficult to work with, along with children, as the saying goes, but Andy did well, keeping the broad selection of wild beasts under control. Delving deeply into his method acting processes and delivering a tour de force of earthy, visceral and startlingly real animal poses, the assembled artists will be drawing on this session for inspiration for some time to come 😉

Reviews Please :)

We’ve been looking at the power of reviews over on Andy’s walking group Wales Outdoors and thought while we were at it we’d ask for some help over here – Please be lovely and take some time out to review us 🙂

Amy Was Animated ;)

If you’d like to book a model for your life drawing session simply email Andy with your idea/plan/date etc and he’ll be in touch

Google! We Win! Well…

You’ll have seen my posts Google Are Scum and Google Are Scum 2 that detail the idiocy and meanness displayed by google. This is a further update…

Heads Up!

We will be starting back in Merthyr Tydfil, life drawing sessions in ‘The Bothy’ once a month on Thursdays from April.

From The Life Room

First of, hopefully, a unique series of quotes heard by our models whilst in the life room…

Facebook On Spam Mode

So, I think if I messaged an individual or business six times in 11 hours, trying to sell them ‘stuff’, I think I could be accused of spamming them.