Cardiff Arts Free Festival

It was the second of the free festivals organised and delivered by Andy and Maisie along with help from all of the stallholders and performers and workshop hosts.

Hen Party!

We regularly hear hen’s at the end of the session chatting about the past hour and stating that ‘that was the most fun I have EVER had!’…

Arts Funding

I’m self employed. I operate two small business’. I don’t ask for funding or support from any agency. I simply plod along, delivering events that I know work well and accepting that some will make good income and some will not. So, the rough with the smooth…

Cardiff Arts Free Festival

This was the last of the Cardiff Arts Free Festivals, the brainchild of Andy and delivered with support of artists and Little Man and poets and musicians in the centre of Cardiff.

Harry Holland

For a fair few years now Cardiff Life Model Collective, through Andy’s contact with Harry, have been working with the great Harry Holland who has private sketching sessions two or three times a week at his studio in Cardiff.


We were approached by the organisers of the 2019 Expression conference, to be held in Cardiff, to provide a model for a workshop or two.

Clay 1/4/19

Andy bought some clay and about half of those attending decided to go for some basic sculpting with the other half deciding to sketch as usual… A little complicated but it all worked out well…

When Andy Met Hayley

It was a standard evening life drawing for us at Cardiff Life Model Collective BUT we had the BBC along and the producers brought with them Hayley from ‘The Call Centre’.

Free Friend

Yes, for our drop in sessions you can bring a friend for FREE! if you have liked the Cardiff Life Model Collective page on fb…