Light Painting

Andy received an email from a photographer looking for a model to make her way to Newport for some light painting and this is the result of that collaboration.


Growing a beard to portray Guy Fawkes in a special life drawing session at the time of interview, Andy Lamb, 52, seems infinitely relaxed and entirely unfazed by anything life may bring his way.

Graphic Novel Photography

Do come along any Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening for a two hour life drawing session or do contact us to work with us for a project involving our models or artists!

Under The Skin

Andy was contacted by a film student who’s next deadline included work where he needed to recreate accurately the light in a scene from a film. He chose the mirror scene in the great Scarlett Johansson film Under The Skin.


Everyone wants to feel confident naked. The pre-fall Garden of Eden existence – before the snake ruined everything – seems a pretty sweet deal, right?

Graphic Novel

We gathered at our usual Tuesday evening life drawing venue, Little Man Coffee Company in the centre of Cardiff and set up the room for that evenings session.

Jess Woolridge

Jess Woolridge, a young artist working in South Wales interviewed Andy to create content for the Amuse Me Press arts magazine for Cardiff, ‘cARTiff’.

Harry Holland

Paints, easels, mannequins, brushes, cups of tea, and in the background there’s always dimmed music ranging from Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Gospal, Classical…and if you’re lucky…a few power ballads!

Bore Cothi

In November of 2015 and May of 2016 models from Cardiff Life Model Collective were called in to perform self tests for irregularities on breasts and testicles with a doctor talking the presenter through the process.

BBC Radio Wales

Andy was asked to take part in the Wynne Evans show on BBC Radio Wales as the mystery guest.