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Cardiff Life Models Mission Statement

The why's, how's and a vision...
Andy developed the group back in 2010 after becoming tired of poor tutoring, cold rooms and very low pay. From the get go Cardiff Life Models guaranteed to pay all working models the agreed minimum UK rate and where possible, to pay more. The only caveat attached to this was that models wouldn't work elsewhere for less. Cardiff Life Models from it's inception then was a pressure group, driving up the wages and working conditions for sessional life models.
From one session of an hour and a half a week Cardiff Life Models quickly grew from a hobby into a business. We now work with every college in South Wales, have contracts with agencies and good relations with individual artists. If you like, Cardiff Life Models has become the one stop shop for naked people in South Wales and the West of England.
An important part of our work is to be seen to be confident naked. We want all who draw us to be encouraged to feel better about their own body image, to feel confident themsleves. We all live in skin and skin is beautiful. Effectively we see ourselves as a counterweight to the crap that mainstream media attempts to immerse us in and so we attempt to repair the damage done by magazines, newpapers, TV and film. That's a big ask but we keep on trying...